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Category: Competition (Group)

2022 Billerud Packaging Impact Design Award (PIDA) Competition: Regional Finalist

Project Responsibilities: Innovative Packaging Structural Design, Functional Packaging Implementation

"Where sustainability meets beauty—innovating with inspiration from the wild."

In the esteemed 2022 Billerud Packaging Impact Design Award competition, our team was challenged to innovate with a structural packaging solution that reflects the natural world's beauty. The project centered around the burgeoning male beauty sector, particularly eyeliner products, drawing design inspiration from the dynamic and striking appearances of male birds.

Our packaging design not only prioritizes sustainability but also significantly enhances the consumer experience. With an understanding that users may be novices to eyeliner, our design incorporates feather-like cutouts on the packaging's wings. These cutouts are designed to detach and serve as stencils, facilitating easy and precise application, thus merging aesthetic allure with practical utility.

Development Phases

Design Realization

"AVI", 2022

Team: Victor ShinAna Lucia Parham SantanaRoy Cooley, Madison Hopkins, Anushka Singh

Advisor: Prof. Adam Straus

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