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Category: CPG - Alcoholic Beverage (Korean Rice Beer)

Project Highlights: Market Analysis, Brand Identity Design, Packaging Design, Brand Activation

gully gif

Tradition to Modernity: Gully's Journey


The Gully Company, a traditional Korean Makgeolli distillery, is set to make waves by reintroducing the U.S. to Makgeolli — Korea’s proud and delightful traditional drink.

Founded on the principles of authenticity and innovation, The Gully Company crafts silky, bubbly Makgeolli that not only adheres to traditional methods but also offers modern health benefits through its complex rice fermentation process.

old gully1
old gully3
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market research

Gully: Beyond Korean Communities


Until now, in the U.S., Makgeolli had been confined largely to Korean communities. Seizing the opportunity, The Gully Company develop a lighter, more approachable branding aimed at captivating a broader audience in the U.S.

Brand Identity & PDP Development

PDP Develop1
PDP Develop2
PDP Develop3
PDP Develop4
PDP Develop5
PDP Develop6
PDP Develop7
PDP Develop8

Brand Identity & Packaging

new logo

The Gully Company Logo

new wordmark

Gully Wordmark

gully mascot

Gully the Tiger, Brand Character

product lineup1
product lineup2

Brand Activation

gully brand activation2
gully brand activation1
gully brand activation3
gully x kenzo
gully x kenzo logo
gully gelato
gully rice snack

*All concepts, ideas, and designs presented for gully are entirely original,

while the associated brand/company story is fictional and created for creative purposes.

All imagery used is intended for illustrative purposes only and is not intended for commercial use.

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