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Category: Premium Spirits - Alcoholic Digestif

Project Highlights: Brand Identity Design, Packaging Design, Brand Activation

Krankenschwester Original PDP

Mastering Botanicals Since 1901


Founded in 1901 by the visionary herbalist Karl Schäfer, KRANKENSCHWESTER has upheld a legacy of botanical mastery for over a century. Today, it remains one of Germany's oldest botanical digestif companies, renowned for its commitment to purity and tradition.

A Century of Botanical Excellence


From its inception, KRANKENSCHWESTER was built on the principle that the finest roses are more than just a symbol of beauty — they are a key to wellness.

Nestled in the heart of Germany, where Schäfer first discovered his passion for roses, the company continues to honor his profound belief in the restorative powers of nature. Karl Schäfer’s dedication to using only the finest hand-picked botanicals has been meticulously preserved through generations.

Rose Inspo Original Photography
Leipzig Map

Owning the Heritage of the House


Each bottle of KRANKENSCHWESTER digestif is a tribute to his last words, encapsulating the essence of the finest roses within its distinctive original bottle shape.

Krankenschwester Bottle

Brand Identity Refresh Exploration

Krankenschwester New Inspo

Heritage Refreshed, Relevance Retained


In today’s dynamic market landscape, refreshing the brand identity and packaging is crucial for maintaining relevance and enhancing consumer engagement. For a heritage brand like KRANKENSCHWESTER, which prides itself on a century-long tradition of botanical excellence, this evolution is not just about modernization but about reconnecting with a broader audience while preserving the core values that define its uniqueness.

Krankenschwester Original PDP

Original Design

Krankenschwester wordmark Explore

Wordmark Exploration

Krankenschwester PDP Explore

Design Exploration

Refreshed Brand Identity

Krankenschwester New Logo

Tradition Evolved with Contemporary Essence


The redesigned KRANKENSCHWESTER packaging blends deep-rooted heritage with a modern twist, preserving traditional botanical motifs while introducing fresh, contemporary elements. This revitalization respects the past and embraces the future, capturing the essence of both tradition and innovation.

Krankenschwester New PDP
Kranken Bottle Back
Kranken Bottle Front
Kranken Bottle 4
Kranken Bottle 2
Kranken Bottle 5
Kranken Bottle 6

Brand Activation

Kranken at bar
Kranken sponsorship
Kranken Billboard Ad
Kranken Concert
Social Media Video
Kranken Blossom Popup
Flower packaging
Kranken gardening tools

*All concepts, ideas, and designs presented for KRANKENSCHWESTER are entirely original,

while the associated brand/company story is fictional and created for creative purposes.

All imagery used is intended for illustrative purposes only and is not intended for commercial use.

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