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Queenside City F.C.

Category: Sports - Football

Project Highlights: Brand Identity & A.I. Infused Design, Brand Activation

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Where Dreams are Crowned


Queenside City Football Club (Q.C.F.C.), nestled in the heart of a community rich in tradition and passion, represents more than just a football club; it's a place where dreams are pursued on the pitch and champions are born in the stands.

Celebrating Heritage, Pursuing Greatness


Q.C.F.C. embraces its royal roots while fostering a culture of inclusivity and ambition. Every match is a celebration of a shared love for the game and an opportunity to honor the city's heritage.

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1930s players copy.jpg

Legacy Polished with New Identity


The revitalization of the Football Club’s brand identity was a strategic necessity, driven by the need to reflect the evolution of both the club and its vibrant community. The new identity not only captures the club’s royal roots and storied past, but also projects its ambitions for future success and growth.



The redesigned emblem masterfully blends the queen's royal crown, twin lions, and the city's traditional stitch pattern with a sleek typeface, capturing the club’s heritage and forward-looking ethos.
Proudly featuring the established year 1878, this emblem celebrates the club's deep roots while heralding its contemporary spirit and commitment to unity.

Graphical Elements

Design In Action

Stadium Refreshed

In The Community

Promotions & Ads

* All concepts, ideas, and designs presented for Q.C.F.C. are entirely original, while the associated brand/company story is fictional and created for creative purposes. All imagery of the people, was created using A.I. technology and is intended for illustrative purposes only, not for commercial use.

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